Fine Art Photographer


Anja is the founder of fineArt elégance and our fine art photographer.

By learning how to work with photo editing she just realized that she can create her own worlds: A mixture of colors and silhouettes, of love and loneliness, of fairy tales and reality. With her very special and soulful works she gained international recognition. As a lighting technician she loves the light like bees a honeypot, and presents our customers in the proper light. Also her ideas and her intuition for small details are worth a mint. Enthusiastic, open-minded, always smiling.


Portrait Photographer


Bella is our portrait specialist and Co-Founder of fineArt elégance Photography.

Bella's specialty is to capture the soul of a person and to create unique stories as well as moods in portraits. Away from the uniform of studio photography, Bella creates meaningful and individual portraits that illustrate the strengths, weaknesses, and feelings of humankind.

Having fallen into a fountain of youth, she is often perceived as our little chap. But her talent and imagination are limitless. Especially unique are her surreal portraits, which have already received multiple awards internationally. Our customers love her cool, easygoing and pleasant manner.


Master hairdresser and make-up artist


Katrin is our one and only beauty queen! She has amazing skills and she sees and highlights the beauty in all our customers . Her creativity and wealth of professionalism is appreciated worldwide and she travels by car or by plane to wherever the beauty queen is needed.

Commercial Management

Everyone should have a Mira! She is our fairy godmother and the contact for any commercial issues. Contracts, invoices, appointments, organization, and worldwide shipping. She is an irreplaceable member of our team, as well as an important juncture between us and our customers.